Summer E-Learning Series

“Learn Music | Yoga | Robotics | Grammar online”

Summer E-Learning Series


We are excited to introduce our exclusive Summer e-Learning series.

Program highlights:

Yoga | Music | Robotics | Grammar Class

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FSM Music classes

Online music learning programme by Furtados School of Music.

BWIS – YOGA program
“Stay Active, Healthy & energetic”
Yoga is fun – It helps you remain healthy & active.
Children learn the name of the pose & its benefits, step by step instructions to reach the asana.

Bringing the Wisdom and Healing of Story to Kids’ Yoga Classes.

BWIS – Grammar classes
Grammar Training Course for Children for the age group of 6 to 10 years.
Children are taught the core concepts of grammar and punctuation, starting with simple age-appropriate definitions,
which are gradually built on with each year of teaching.

BWIS – Robotics Program

It is with great excitement that we invite your child to join an online robotics and coding program.
The course will introduce your kids to programming languages like C, C , Arduino and also their practical applications.


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