Conceived by the team of ISKCON Bangalore

Gunjur campus, Sarjapur

Our Approach

The 4Q approach to holistic learning

According to mainstream psychology, IQ contributes only about 20 percent to the parameters that determine an individual’s effectiveness and success, which leaves 80 % to the other factors. However, our conventional education system puts a disproportionate focus on IQ largely ignoring the other important dimensions of human well-being.

At BWIS, we lay emphasis on all the 4Qs (PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ) of development to better prepare our children and to equip them to face the world, beyond facing tests and exams.

Preparing the gen-next learners for the industrial entrepreneurial world.

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. As resources become scarce in a planet whose population is expanding, smarter and more efficient solutions are needed at all levels.

We aspire to create leaders in every sphere of the society who can positively contribute towards solving the challenges of the world and to inspire more ‘job creators’ than just ‘job seekers’.

The C’s that matter the most!

Curiosity, Compassion, Character, Competence and Culture. These values form the bedrock of the journey of learning for all the students at BWIS.

Timeless education for the new world!

The more things change, the more we need to embrace things that never change. BWIS intends to provide a transformative learning experience rooted in foundational Indian values and universal ethics, which can truly address the needs of today’s generation of children. We aspire to identify and nurture various naturally existing talents and inclinations in a student and facilitate in developing them. 

On the academic front, the proposed curriculum is Cambridge which is global, challenging and at the same time flexible.


The Basil Woods Advantage

Where vision meets experience

Student-centric campus

A sprawling 8-acre integrated campus with state-of the-art amenities, that fosters natural learning.

Holistic learning and development

A comprehensive curriculum that nurtures physical, emotional and cultural development

Award winning education program

Selected as one among the top upcoming preschool-cum-day care centres in India by Education Today

Well researched curriculum

An engaging and a scientifically designed curriculum by highly reputed academicians, with decades of experience in K-12 education.

Reputable associations and partnerships

Affiliation planned for an international curriculum. Project conceived by the team of ISKCON Bangalore.

Experienced academicians

Qualified teachers and facilitators specializing in K-12 education

Wholesome and nutritious food

Food that’s fresh, healthy and full of flavour, for the entire school community.

Enriched learning experience

A safe learning environment carefully and lovingly designed specifically for curious minds.


” BWIS is helping kids reach their full potential in all aspects of life – academic, sports(physical, mental health), community service and most importantly in our spiritual values.The teachers and staff are VERY kind and patient, the principal is leading from the FRONT and overall BWIS provides an exemplary environment for the kids. We as parents are glad to be a goodwill ambassador for the school.My son has become smarter in academics and social skills.My daughter is much more confident in her abilities. She would often narrate how much the teachers encourage her.”

Parents of Sai Saint (Grade 5) and Pragati Sai (Grade 4)

” Overall, we are very satisfied with the curriculum and the teaching methods of this school. Teachers are very dedicated in their work and are also politewith the students. Thanks for the PTM. “

Sivakamakshi Yayavaram (1C)

“We are fortunate to have our child be a part of BWIS. Overall, extremely happy!”

Mukund Dwivedi (3)

“Hello, we are the parents of Rithika Stagi of class 4 A . Way of teaching methodology is very impressive. The life sublime program is good. So far online classes are happening & I am so happy as the number of students is less & teachers are giving attention for each & every child. Child is missing the physical classes, but teachers are so nicely managing them with activities. Infrastructure wise the building structure is very innovative & its attractive, kid-friendly. This school is going to be a buzzing school within a few years. Teachers are excellent in cocurricular activities & my child is learning a lot. I would recommend the school to all the parents & will give a five star. “

Rithika Astagi (4A)

“Hello every one, we are the parents of Darsh Agarwal of class 4. We are extremely happy about Darsh’s improvement. This school is not focusing about Bookish knowledge but the research-based study. Not copy pasting the answers but to understand the answers. I am so happy the way courses are conducted. They way of teaching is excellent . IGCSE curriculum is advanced, more interactive, its not limited only within class. Thanks a lot. “

Darsh Agarwal (4)

“Hi I am Dr. Rachna Vastrad , my child Sachi & Rushil are studying in Basil woods . During the pandemic I took the admission. I was worried how its going to be. But they have adjusted & they have learned a lot. Here in the school everything is involved for child development, there are many club activities which are awesome. Kids are becoming interactive, they are learning how to interact. Life sublime classes are very nice. they are reciting the Shlokas, they are understanding many things from stories. Bhagavad gita contains many Sholaks , they are learning & telling me, which is amazing . Teachers are very much interactive – focusing on each kid’s development. They are calling each kid’s name in the class to make them attentive. “

Dr. Rachna Vastrad (2, 4)

“Hare Krishna , I am Vani , mother of Aranyaa Anirudh grade 1 & Mrinmayee Anirudh grade 3 . I have seen remarkable difference in their behaviour. As you know children need social setup, BWIS has provided the proper social set up with many events. So my kids can communicate so confidently. Kids become social with new sets of friends. The environment provided is really enriching, children are really getting benefited with this. Teachers are very open minded & loving. I am so happy as social communication skills have gone up in my children, Thank you so much BWIS team. “

Aranyaa Anirudh grade 1 & Mrinmayee Anirudh grade 3

“Since the beginning we were looking for IGCSE school. My son was in the US & was in IGCSE school. We definitely have trust & confidence in The brand of ISKCON . And it is the first time we have come across ISKCON’s school. We were very confident & the process of admission was very smooth. Teachers are very cooperative. They are focussing on each & every child’s development & taking special classes also to boost them. Life sublime is really remarkable. Kids are engaged in different activities. We Definity recommend parents to visit the school. Faculty is well informed. Kids who are lagging, they are focusing on them, which is not found in any other school. As the school is ISKCON’s school, lots of value-based education is happening here, which I could not find in other schools. Being an Indian we should know our value & tradition. Both IGCSE – truly international approach & on other hand ISKCON’s values are making my child’s future very bright. I am very satisfied .”

Aarit Nambiar

Basil Woods International School

A raring to go international School in Gunjur Bangalore conceived by the team of ISKCON Bangalore

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