Summer is Fun

This Summer, we are bringing Culture Camp to YOUR community. Enjoy mesmeric and fun modules in this Workshop.

Learn Something New

Get ready to learn some cool stuff. From Theater to Storytelling, the Culture Camp will enrich you with some amazing skills.

Enjoy & Enlighten

You will get to Sing, Dance, and enjoy delicious Prasadam during the program. You will never find one moment without fun.

What is Culture Camp?

The Indian Culture is the strongest edifice on which our entire civilization is standing erect, despite all the other mighty empires rising and falling, and even fading away into evanescence. Equip your children with the sublime messages of the Vedic teachings, but in a pedagogical style that is totally fun-filled. Culture Camp is a holistic program aimed at inculcating fundamental values and lifeskills in the children, along with some extremely exciting artforms.


Art & Craft

This Summer, Gift your Child the Best Summer

Lessons and instructions that one receives in academic process can help one fetch a good future, but there is more learning than what can be taught at school. Please leave it to us to fill in this need. We will impart lessons to your children that will help them become a better person and also a refined person as they grow up.

Features of the Camp

Value Education

Kids will get to learn and imbibe Values and Cultural principles taught in Vedic texts

Expert Trainers

We select the best of the trainers in each field and ensure that your child gets the best.

In Campus

The Camp will happen in your own community, so you save the trouble of travelling.

Make you Think

Our modules are designed to encourage the kids to think and analyse things around them

Building Character

An essential component of the Culture Camp will be to impart Values into the children. The Values that kids learn at this age will get sedimented in them for life, and will help them develop a noble character.

Stories from the Puranas will teach them how to become determined like Dhruva, how to be tolerant like Prahlada and how to be generous like Shibi.

Camp Details


Shobha Dream Acres, Hub 15(Phase1 clubhouse), Party Hall2

Date and Time

May 15 – May 27

10 AM to 1 PM


Camp Fee

₹2500 – Children from 4 to 14 years


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What the Parents are Saying

Today the challenge is to secure our children’s culture. It is very difficult to impart the significance of the cultural values and make them follow. It is a great opportunity to impart this knowledge in Culture Camp, in such a short time in a very effective manner.

Srinivas Prasanna, Senior Project Manager-Microsoft Corp., Father of Anagha

My daughter has transformed a lot, after Culture-Camp in various aspects. She is more helping, more caring, and she is able to distinguish between right and wrong. Whenever she gets a thought of doing something wrong, now she says, “I can’t think that nobody is seeing. Because Krishna is always seeing.” She is able to make better decisions and she is more confident.

Dr. Sri Valli, Dermatologist, Mother of Khyati

We’ve been learning from then the shlokas and prayers they’ve learnt during the Camp which have become part of our daily prayer routine. They’re far more aware of Bhagavad-Gita than I’m. Behaviorally, although the changes at a conscious level are subtle, at a subconscious level they have a great impact on their consciousness.

Sangeetha Jambagi, Senior Manager, Unilever, Mother of Bhumi & Avani


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